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Auto Electrical Service in OKC

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Providing Auto Repair Services in Oklahoma City and Beyond

If you’re looking for a local Auto Repair shop that you can trust, consider Priebe's Auto Clinic and Tire Center. Since 1983, we’ve been providing our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma City with dependable, trustworthy Auto Repair. Whether your vehicle needs a minor tune-up to a major overhaul, our trained service technicians are skilled at quickly diagnosing and pinpointing solutions to problems, which can save valuable time and money.

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Trusted by Oklahoma City Residents since 1983

Qualified Professionals for Any Auto Electrical Service

Today’s vehicles are loaded with sophisticated electrical technology. While we love having automatic windows, advanced stereo systems and keyless ignitions, these electrical components are difficult to repair. They may add convenience to your driving, but when they fail, you’ll want to call on the qualified and trained technicians at Priebe’s Auto Clinic and Tire Center.

Our team understands the complexities of modern cars, including the many advancements in electrical systems. Thanks to countless hours of training and years of experience, we will deliver effective and lasting auto electrical service to your vehicle. This requires precise tools and equipment, which our experts have at their disposal to complete the task properly.

Auto Electrical Service with Service and Integrity

Many problems can occur if your vehicle needs auto electrical service. They range from a minor inconvenience such as dimmed interior lights, to a serious safety matter like brake lights not working. Electrical issues can be the cause of your car not starting, or of cause damage to your vehicle computors. The complexities of auto electrical service are simply too numerous to name, but you can rest assured that our team is capable of handling all instances competently and efficiently.

Don’t delay if your car is having electrical issues. The problem could be as simple as a weak battery or as complex as a wiring issue. Either way, you’ll need auto electrical service from a trained and knowledgeable team. The professional technicians at Priebe’s Auto Clinic and Tire Center are ready to repair your vehicle!

Why Choose Priebe’s Auto Clinic and Tire Center

  • AAA-Approved Auto Shop
  • Jasper Distributor
  • NAPA AutoCare Facility
  • O’Reilly Car Care Center
  • Member of the Automotive Training Institute
  • Oldest AAA Shop in the State
  • Thorough Service Since 1983

For complete auto repairs in Oklahoma City, contact the professionals at Priebe’s Auto Clinic and Tire Center. Call us now to schedule your appointment for reliable auto and tire service.

A Few Words from Our Customers

Kiether M.

"I have been taking my VW Bug to Priebe's for 9 years now. They are honest and only do the work that is needed. Its also great they will take me home after I drop my car off and come pick me up. I don't trust the Dealerships. I wont go anywhere other than Priebe's."

Katie Long

"I love this auto shop! They have taken incredible care of my 06 Mustang. I feel they are very honest and give great advice. Then, when I bought an Audi and the Audi dealership couldn't get my car in for over two weeks for an oil change...Priebe's got it in the next day. They have this really cool system where they text you a link after they have evaluated/serviced your car and it has photos of everything, like, instead of being told you need a new air filter you can see the photo yourself. Great company. Great guys. Take your cars here!!"

Noel Manes

"I LOVE PRIEBES, they care not only for the car but the person as well. I am so grateful for all they have done for me personally and the car. THE LOWEST PRICE AND THE INFINITEYL BEST WORKMANSHIP AND QUALITY! NO ONE COULD AS FOR ANYTHING MORE! the very best in quality quantity!"

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